Toy Gun Sketch

Art, Karbon14, Synfig

Synfig is running a new contest entitled “Reach For The Moon” to celebrate the most recent release.  I’m going to try to enter this one even though I have only two weeks to do it.  But the good thing is that the contest is really focused on the animation side, not the rendering.  So the art may look a little rough, but I can always come back to fix it.  Anyway, here’s a quick sketch of the toy gun I’m going to use:

I used the Beta 7 version of Karbon14 from the Calligra Suite.  Now to import into Krita for coloring.

Balloon Animation Test

animation, Synfig

The first balloon animation test.  Animated and rendered in Synfig.  ffmpeg was used to render the image sequences into movie format.  I originally encoded the images in ogg format but ffmpeg rendered a lot of artifacts.  It was probably due to my lack of knowledge.  But I re-encoded it as .mpg and it rendered a lot better.  I’ll get to know ffmpeg better once I get to the final animation.