GMNJ, #1

Art, Comics, GMNJ, Inkscape, Krita

First page of my webcomic: Gods vs. Monsters vs. NJ. It stars the Jersey Devil and his return to the Garden State after a 25 year self-imposed exile.  Actually, he abandoned his post and went into hiding with the intention of never coming back.  However, he was found by the most unlikely person and forced back into this world.  Now powerless, he must fend off old enemies and create new alliances in order to survive that screwed up state called New Jersey.

Jersey Devil Sketch

Art, Comics, GMNJ, Krita

This is the first sketch I’ve done of my lead character for my set of short stories: Gods vs. Monsters vs. NJ.  I thought I deleted it by mistake but found it on a backup disk!  The final drawing is very similar, but the head is shaped slightly different and he doesn’t have eyebrows. Drawn and colored in Krita.