Hello, Ringtail

I’ve switched my desktop over to Xubuntu 12.04 and I’m loving it.  It’s lightweight, fast, and very easy to configure.  (Even though I do very little to configure my machine anyway.)

I was originally going to make a wallpaper (I still may), but decided a quick promotional piece for the next Xubuntu would be more fun.  BTW, the next Xubuntu will be codenamed Roaring Ringtail, and the mascot for XFCE is a mouse.

Made in Inkscape, except for the background which was done in the Gimp.

GMNJ, #1

First page of my webcomic: Gods vs. Monsters vs. NJ. It stars the Jersey Devil and his return to the Garden State after a 25 year self-imposed exile.  Actually, he abandoned his post and went into hiding with the intention of never coming back.  However, he was found by the most unlikely person and forced back into this world.  Now powerless, he must fend off old enemies and create new alliances in order to survive that screwed up state called New Jersey.

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iToaster comic

(Click for larger size)

This is an idea I had over a year ago.  I really wanted to poke a little fun at Apple and it’s devoted fans.  I had already drawn the iToaster but it sat on my hard drive.  The toaster was an outline of an existing model found through Google Images (I can’t find the original reference.)  It seemed perfect, as if it was designed by Apple themselves.  The fonts are courtesy of Blambot, whose site offers a lot of cool comic fonts for free.  Everything was drawn in Inkscape.