Soccer King

Soccer King

I was going through my sketchbooks and found some old sketches, so I decided to make one into a drawing for my two boys who started Fall soccer last week. Eventually I’m going to make this into stickers and give it to them.

Krita & Inkscape.


Arthur Kill, The Mad Cupid #2

Arthur Kill #2


I’ve been on somewhat on a roll lately.  This is another drawing that I started sketching last year but for some reason put it aside. Arthur Kill is a character from Gods vs. Monsters vs. NJ whose background I’ve haven’t fleshed out yet. I just know that he’s a psychotic cupid. (Whatever that means.) The first Arthur Kill drawing can be seen here.

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Halo 33



This was an idea I had that’s been rolling around in my head for a few years.  I played around with a dozen different angles until settling on this one.

From Mypaint to Inkscape to Gimp.