Skullface Animation

animation, Art

Another art test for the Skullface animation.  Added the briefcase and some balloons to the crate posted here.  The balloons were done in Inkscape for testing only.  I’ll probably redo them in Synfig and then animate.  I could export to Synfig using the Inkscape exporter found here.

The crate is almost done, I just need to add a hand painted “Free Balloons” sign on it.

Finally, I need to start on the background, which will consist of a striped circus tent.

Crate for New Animation

animation, Art, gimp, Inkscape

This is a WIP of a crate using Inkscape and Gimp.  This is going to be used in a new 2d animation I’m doing with Synfig. Although Synfig has vector drawing tools, they are vastly inferior to Inkscape.  I used Gimp for painting and texturing.

I’ll probably finish this off by adding some scratches and dirt, but I don’t want to overdue the paint effects as I want to keep a vector art feel.