Short Story, 1st Draft

GMNJ, Prose

I decided to turn Gods vs. Monsters vs NJ back into a series of illustrated short stories. It faster and easier for me to tell the story this way as opposed to a webcomic. I enjoyed making the first 15 pages of the webcomic, but I learned that my storytelling skills worked best with prose and pictures. Here is the first paragraph of the first draft:

        The New Jersey Devil hovered high above the massive inferno that was destroying his lair. The sudden, heavy winds that blew off the ocean had caused the blaze to spread rather quickly, engulfing the entire pier in what seemed like a matter of minutes. The restaurants, amusement rides, retail stores, and even the tiny space rented by that fraud psychic medium, were being consumed by this fiery beast. Not piecemeal, however, but voraciously devoured in one huge bite. The arcade was currently being shoved into the fire’s massive mouth, and next on the menu would be something extra special for dessert: The Haunted Mansion.


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