Pancake Jesus


When a mob boss sat down for a hearty breakfast cooked by his goomah, he was greeted by the unlikeliest of visitors. –  Gods vs. Monsters vs. NJ

Pancake Jesus will eventually be a “character” in my webcomic: Gods vs. Monsters vs. NJ.  Founded by a former mob boss turned good, a contemporary Christian church is built around Pancake Jesus.  This church plays an important role in GMNJ.

Every so often you’ll hear a story about how the face Jesus appeared on a dirty window, breakfast, or a rock.  Pancake Jesus is a play on that.

I used a combination of the latest versions of Gimp and Inkscape for this.  Since Krita had become my primary software for inkning and coloring my drawings, I hadn’t used Gimp much outside of making textures.  But here I decided to go with Gimp all the way.

The tablecloth texture was downloaded from