Taxi Cab

Blender, GMNJ, Krita

The subtitle of the post probably should be Cheating At Comics because here I’m trying to use 3D in my webcomic Gods vs. Monsters vs. NJ.  There are a couple of reasons to use a 3D prop:

  1. Makes drawing faster
  2. Reusable
  3. Looks better

For GMNJ, I wanted to see if it’s feasible to use a 3D prop for the taxi cab where the comic begins.  The main reason is because the taxi will be a reoccurring prop in the story.

The cab was rendered in a special build of Blender that has integrated Freestyle as a render.  Freestyle is software that uses non-photorealistic line drawing to render out the scene.  (I used a recent Freestyle build from  I wanted to use Freestyle to get the b/w inked effect of my comic strip.  After fooling learning the basics of Freestyle and doing some post-pro in Krita, I cam up with the following:


It wasn’t difficult post-pro work to get the 2D render on the right, but my biggest problem is having the drawing look to perfect for my comic.  This is still very much a WIP.



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