Taxi Cab

The subtitle of the post probably should be Cheating At Comics because here I’m trying to use 3D in my webcomic Gods vs. Monsters vs. NJ.  There are a couple of reasons to use a 3D prop:

  1. Makes drawing faster
  2. Reusable
  3. Looks better

For GMNJ, I wanted to see if it’s feasible to use a 3D prop for the taxi cab where the comic begins.  The main reason is because the taxi will be a reoccurring prop in the story.

The cab was rendered in a special build of Blender that has integrated Freestyle as a render.  Freestyle is software that uses non-photorealistic line drawing to render out the scene.  (I used a recent Freestyle build from  I wanted to use Freestyle to get the b/w inked effect of my comic strip.  After fooling learning the basics of Freestyle and doing some post-pro in Krita, I cam up with the following:


It wasn’t difficult post-pro work to get the 2D render on the right, but my biggest problem is having the drawing look to perfect for my comic.  This is still very much a WIP.