Some Thoughts On My Webcomic



After a couple of years of sketching and jotting down ideas, I have officially started my webcomic: Gods vs. Monsters vs. NJ.  This has been more of a dream to cross off my Bucket List more than anything.  The original idea came when as I was reading through the wonderful book Weird New Jersey  I received one Christmas.

Residents of NJ are familiar with the many urban legends tied to NJ, so I wanted to explore these stories as if they were actually real.  I decided to start with our state’s most popular legend: The Jersey Devil. But I wanted to add my own twist to the tale: the Jersey Devil unwillingly returns to NJ after a 25 year self-imposed exile.

But I don’t want to put pressure on myself to regularly update the comic because:

  • I don’t draw fast enough and am new to this comic thing.
  • My free time is very limited due to real life events.
  • I have a bunch of non-GMNJ ideas I want to draw and/or animate.
  • Even though I’ll be posting the comics in hope that others will enjoy it, this comic is basically for me to experiment and try new things.

So basically, it’s going to be a part-time webcomic without its own domain, or marketing, or please vote for me at  I have two dozen characters and their backgrounds.  And rough outlines for at least six storylines.  So I’ll probably be doing this for a long time.

I think eventually I’ll be able to juggle life and updating on a weekly basis, but for now I’m just happily exploring.


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